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About the HQM Store

The HQM Store, KRIPTON's web music store, was established in collaboration with Camerata Tokyo. KRIPTON is a specialist in business solutions with images, audio, and networking. Camerata Tokyo is a music company in the business of recording music, promoting concerts and inviting guest artists from overseas.

Recent new technology has made possible the delivery of high quality music data comparable to the original studio master recordings. It is now possible for the artists' creative concepts and musical expression to be precisely recreated for home audio listeners. Existing packaged media such as CDs or standard internet downloading have never reached this level. The HQM Store grew from the passion of its founders, who want to deliver to their customers not only state-of-the-art digital music data but also an exemplary level authentic experience of select musical performances. The highest quality digital data of the highest quality musical performances. HQM stands for High Quality Music.

In addition, our goal is to continuously release new recordings and maintain comprehensive archives. We will take advantage of the flexibility of internet delivery in order to increase the title volumes, in contrast to the shrinking packaged media market which continues to decrease the number of new releases.